Our goal is to support and promote a cooking school that trains young deaf pupils to become chefs.


Eetlokaal LT is a foundation that educates deaf and mute youngsters to become chefs and ultimately to be able to have a job and lead a self-reliant and independent life. We were very enthusiastic about this initiative and decided to enter a long term cooperation with this foundation.

Our first project consisted of a fundraising dinner, cooked and served to us. 40 guests attended this dinner. An interpreter was present during this dinner and taught us basic terms and expressions so we were able to communicate our orders and our congratulations to the chefs in sign language.

On top of the money we wanted to contribute more to the long term career development of the pupils. This is why we arranged for personalized chef uniforms with the name of the respective pupil stitched into the jacket – this was specially important because otherwise the pupils have trouble communicating their names to their guests. Furthermore we arranged for the famous, Michelin star certified Dutch chef Ron Blaauw to teach a fine cooking Master class to the pupils – this activity is beneficial both to their skills and to their network.