• Country: Italy

  • Club: Interact Treviso

  • District: D2060

The First District Meeting of the Interact District 2060 took place in Vicenza the 25th November 2017. During the event our Rotary Governors Riccardo De Paola signed the Statuto of the Interact District 2060.
For the interactors there was the possibility to listen the experience of Riccardo Alighieri, a twenty years old boy, whose surnelame is the “stilista antibulli”. He’s affected by a cerebral palsy since he was a child. He wanted to share with them his motto: ” rendi la tua debolezza il tuo punto di forza”.
During the meeting was voted the service for the District for the year 2018/2019. Among the purposal the winner was the one made by Interact Club Treviso: L’isola che non c’è.
The aim of the service is to create a small Lunapark for children of every ages, where parents and children could learn something more concerning the child labour. They will organize many booths where children can do some artworks and play together.
In order to involve more and more Age groups, the service will be devided in two different event: the first one will be dedicated to high school students, while the second one to the children and their families.
The one dedicated to the high school students will be a photo contest, and the theme will be their answers to the question: “what is the violence for me?”
Once the interactors will establish a deadline in order to present the final word, they will define a day for the ceremony, where they will reward the winners and where all the participants could expose their artworks and raise awareness about the fight against violence in all its expressions.
The second part of the service will take place during the spring time. Interactors will organize a day named “L’isola che non c’è” to raise awareness in the families about violence and child labour.
There will be many booths where parents will find activities to do with their children. Those activities will be like plays, but even a kind of “work”, in order to remind, even if in a playing form, the world of the work and exploitation.

The article was written by Maria Carla Canato.