• Country: Croatia

  • Club: Rotaract Club Varaždin

  • District: 1913

In the most joyful time of the year, the Christmas holidays, Rotaract club of Varaždin organized a humanitarian karaoke night. On the 29th of December, at 8 pm in a local pub “Medina škrinja” started the best karaoke show full of fun, great singing but also humanitarian elements. The karaoke show was organized with the concept of nominations and the expectations of the organizers about the great response of the singers were definitely fulfilled.
The process of signing up was done via nominations. If someone wanted to nominate another person, he or she had to donate 10kn for humanitarian purposes, but if the nominated person did not want to sing, they had to donate 20kn. Furthermore, in collaboration with out sponsors, we gave away presents for the best singers and the award for the most likeable act went to a group of ladies who made everyone nothing but smile with their great singing skills. Everyone who was brave enough to take the stage was given a beverage donated by the host “Medina škrinja” which also contributed to the event with their promotive prices. Through this article, Rotaract club of Varaždin would like to express their thankfulness to everyone who was a part of the event, primarily the ones who showed their singing abilities, following the company ALPHA-M computers, Flor d.o.o., Oprema d.o.o., and finally the Rotary Clubs in Varaždin who have always supported our events – Rotary Club Varaždin, Rotary Club Varaždin 1181 and Rotary Club Varaždin Jug. Lastly, the most important part, the collected money from the donations went to the people in need. With the collected money we managed to donate a personal computer, a laptop and a TV to two associations; “Zipka” which fosters children and youth in the Varaždin county and has been active since 2007 with their work in promotion and improvement of fostering, and the association “Kuća mogućnosti” which fosters children older than 18 who have lost their right for a place in a home for uninhabited children. We handed the donations in the end of January and their smiles are the biggest thank you to the organizers, sponsors and everyone who was involved in the greatest karaoke show in Varaždin.
Untill the next event, we hope you enjoy the pictures! 🙂