• Country: Poland

  • Club: RAC Toruń

  • District: 2231

  • Number of people involved: 5

  • Hours volunteered: 4

  • Quantifiable Results: 2 computers given and 1 room painted!

The Rotaract club Torun in 21-st of october became an artistic club. We went to a single-mother house to paint their computer room in which they study and use computers. The room was sad and unattractive se we decided to make it more cosy. We still had paint which we had used to beat the Record of Poland so we used it to decorate the room with colorful letters and numbers. Our paintings made us happy when we went again to this room. With the help of our
sponsors we had managed to made 2 new computers from spare parts which we hope will last for years.
Moreover we gave to them a lot of clothes and we still have plans to help them. We want to paint more rooms and give them toys, books, games and even one more new computer.