• Country: Switzerland

  • Club: RAC Lucerne

  • District: 1980

How fast drinking water is needed, was brutally obvious after the disastrous tsunami in Sulawesi on the 28th September 2018. Inside a Water Survival Box is the whole equipment, with which people can filter filthy water and make it drinkable.
Rotaract Club Lucerne informed students at the University of Lucerne to increase awareness how CHF200.- can make an incredible difference for a family after a calamity. Inside the box is helpful equipment to render possible a minimal standard of supply: water filter, cookware, tools, toothbrush, soap, a blanket, a rope and more.
Moreover, we informed about Rotaract and our activities and hope, that many new members will join our club. We didn’t expect big donations of students and were therefore happily surprised that we could raise enough money to donate 1.5 boxes!

Susanne Lanz