• Countries: Italy; Serbia; Mauritius; Uganda; Nepal; Philippines; Uk; Canada; New Zealand; Tunisia; Turkey

  • Clubs: Rotaract Club Cassino; Rotaract Sarajevo; Rotaract Isu Echague; Rotaract Club Ratnanagar; Rotaract Goztepe; Rotaract New Westminster; Rotaract of Bayabong -Rotaract Tunis Menzah;Rotaract Tyneside;Rotaract Club of Metropolitan Chittagong;Rotaract Beograd Sava

  • District: 2080

“Green” is the first Service project of “The Guardians of The Galaxy” (a network of cooperation among 16 Rotaract Clubs all over the world for specific projects of the 4 lines of action promoted by Rotary International). It aimed to reduce environmental pollution in an urban context, to gain awareness of the need of guaranteeing respect for territory, to the protection of man and environment, to guarantee citizenship’s access to environmental information and to promote socialization among the members involved. The realization of the project required a first preparatory moment (the compilation of a “Google Form”, the choice of a date between 01/09/2018 and 30/09/2018 and a location suitable for planting) and a second active one (preparation of the chosen land for the realization of the project, the planting of the shrubs, the watering, the installation of a plaque containing information about the tree planted, the Logo of the Rotaract Club and Rotary Sponsor.
All 16 clubs participants cooperated for making come true the dream of painting the Earth Green: 18.135 trees planted all around the world.
This is what we are, this is what we do: be the inspiration, United for service.