• Country: Russia

  • Club: Rotaract Club Moscow Capital

  • District: 2220

  • Number of people involved: 10

  • Total hours volunteered: 150

  • Quantifiable Results:

    30 Children got great presents on the new year

New Year is a magical family holiday. All people believe in a miracle and wait for gifts. Unfortunately, not all families can afford to make the dreams of their children come true and give them what they want badly. Rotaract club Moscow Capital, Volunteer Group “Reliable Friend” and SPE Gubkin (Society of Petroleum Engineers) could not allow this to happen! Therefore, a month before the holiday, we sent helpers of Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus) to the children’s rehabilitation and social center in Suvorov, Tula region, to find out the desires of children and fulfill them.

So, the time for a holiday has come. We were waiting for this special, responsible day for two months, making out gifts, looking for costumes and props, honing their acting skills at rehearsals.

After a 6 hours-ride, we finally reached Suvorov, where the children were looking inquisitively at the improvised scene. We showed a New Year’s tale with elements of the detective, where children helped the queen to look for the crown.

Characters actively interacted with children during the performance – dances and funny games added to our program a lot of joy. The story ended well, the crown was found, the Father Frost and the Snow Maiden have arrived to the place. After the play, it was the time to give desirable presents!

The New Year in Suvorov really succeeded. We used a lot of resources for the trip and a colorful play. Together we conducted a big and the most long-awaited holiday for 30 children, created for them an atmosphere of the New Year’s magic, and once again proved – miracles happen!

Watch the video about our project here: Youtube