• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Galatasaray Rotaract Club

  • District: 2420

Galatasaray Rotaract participated 10K Istanbul Marathon on Nov 11, aiming to support Koruncuk (Supporting welfare of the children who need protection).
We started our campaing for raising donation for the children in “ipk.adimadim.org” and assisted social media campaigns before the marathon day. When marathon day came, we were very excited and full of inspiration. It was such a great experience to step out the city and raise the awareness for children in the mean time. Istanbul Marathon is the only one in the world to be done over two continents. From the Asian side of the Bosphorus to its European side this marathon is full of history, a race going back in time! We finished our tour in Eminönü.
Meanwhile, 3 member of us were collecting blue caps mainly came out from used water bottles during marathon for Turkish Paraplegia Association. The association has a campaign that if you collect and donate blue caps to them, they donate wheel chair to handicapped people with recycling plastic accordingly.
Back to project results, we have collected 700 TL for KORUNCUK children so far. We hope that we can be an inspiration for the children. We always support children to have equal rights, protection, good quality of education, good health.