The goal of the project was to make the New Year dreams of children suffering from terminal or very serious diseases come true. We wanted to arrange a real holiday for these children, help them bear their illnesses and make them believe in magic again.


The aim of this project was to collect the letters of children with serious illnesses with their New Year wishes and make this common wish list viral so that everyone, across the country, could pick any dream or a bundle of dreams and fulfill it. The dreams ranged from new toys and cellphones to meeting their favorite celebrities.

Our principal role was to become an intermediary between every single wish and the potential benefactors.

For that, we established several channels through which people could find out about the dreams and choose those they could fulfill:

– 24/7 hot line for all the incoming calls mainly from prospective benefactors;

– constantly updated webpage with the whole wish-list collected from children. Here everyone could see the information about a child and the up-to-date status of a dream (fulfilled/reserved for fulfillment/unfulfilled);

– advertisement banners in subway, radio-ads, tv stories etc;

– SMS texting system, allowing anyone interested to transfer even small amounts of money for the realization of the dreams.

To reach more prospective benefactors we personally contacted some big companies giving them the opportunity to become somebody’s hero.

Considering all the cases were quite delicate, we approached the process of communicating with children with great care to avoid any traumatic experience. Our aim was to make the kids feel at ease with us while sharing their dreams and telling their stories. We have consulted and worked in cooperation with many qualified medical staff members, including leading psychologists who helped us through the process of collecting the dreams from children.


Rotaract Club of Saint-Petersburg