• Countries: Brasil & France

  • Clubs: Rotaract Club João Monlevade ; Rotaract Club Paris Quai d’Orsay

  • District: 4520 ; 1660

The Project Drawing a Better World is an international exchange between two elementary schools, one in Brazil and another in France, facilitated by the Rotaract Club João Monlevade, District 4520, and the Rotaract Club Paris Quai d’Orsay, District 1660. At each classroom the children were given a small presentation about the other country and then they were asked to draw their impressions about it. In other words, the French students made drawings about Brazil, whilst the Brazilians drew about France. Later, the drawings were exchanged between the two schools, effectively concluding the cultural exchange we intended to bring. Furthermore, the children were also spoiled with some souvenirs and typical food of the other country. All in all, with this rather simple project we intended to foster international comprehension at its root by presenting children with some history and culture different than their own, something that will hopefully help to shape in them a spirit of open-mindedness.