• Country: Turkey

  • Club: RAC Bornova

  • District: 2440

We, as Bornova Rotaract Club, want to make an International Project with you. Also we want to feel same feeling. Even if this art is poetry. So we decided to give the name of ‘DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, SAME FEELINGS’

If you decide to join us for same purpose you can help us. What you need to do is explained below.
-Sending two national famous poetry to us. (‘bornovarac@gmail.com’ acount.) (Your choose should be in your public eye)
And we also need poet’s name and photo.
You can prepare a video with your club. It can be fun. 🙂
-These artillery will be collected and presented to you on a blog.
– If you have any question you can sent your messages ‘bornovarac@gmail.com’ acount.
P.S. : Your poetry; it has to be written by your mother language and english version.

We will be very glad that you attend to the project and look forward to your poems.
Best Regards.