Offering first grade healthcare to Syrian refugees and their children to the Open Hospitality Center of Elaionas as well as access to fresh clean water and medicine.

The Greek Ministry of Health and the Greek CDC pointed out that most Open Hospitality Centers – OHC have a lack of dental healthcare. The refuges traveled a lot in very harsh conditions in bad hygienic before reaching Greece (many children under them). Our project had 3 parts.

The first part was to provide as many medicines and healthcare equipment as needed in the OHC of Eleonas in Athens( total cost of 2.500 euros).

Secondly, we responded to the need for clean water by providing 2,5 tons of water to both OHC’s of Athens and Mitilini.

Thirdly our main goal was to build from the scratch a fully equipped dental clinic in the OHC of Eleonas.

The dental clinic is settled in a brand new spacious container that our club installed in OHC of Eleonas next to the already existing surgery. The container was full equipped with dental units.

An important notice is that our did not just bought the dental clinic but also offers a continuous healthcare to refugees by providing the dental expendables and a maintenance to the dental clinic. Also, through our clubs resources we managed a deal with Athens Dental Association so every day a dentist will be at OHC of Eleonas.

Contact : Rotaract Club of Athens, District 2470, Greece