The goal of “CREA” is to Create workshops in the surrounding area of the District 2100. This project focused on teenagers between  12 and 18 years old who live in urban blight, and are also abandoned to themselves with  job insecurity and problems integrating in society.


Workshops are based on different activity-craft:

– tailor’s shop;

– photography;

– journalism;

– ecodesign;

The target is to teach tecniques of craft-activity to the participants, helping them to get a job. Every product that is made on the workshops  is sould to raise money and invest the profit in new workshops.

The project was supported by the Catolich Church in Naples) which has some classrooms from the parishes. The parishes were located in the sub-urban area under the wel-fare State. The program made by tutors was not just about education of responsibility but also about development of leadership.


Rotaract Clubs of District 2100