• Country: Denmark

  • Club: Marselis Rotaract Club

  • District: 1450

For the eighth year in a row the young members of Marselis Rotaract Club are ready to wrap up your Christmas gifts in exchange for a donation to “Mødrehjælpen” (An organisation giving social, legal and economic support to (young) pregnant women and families in case of divorce, abortion, economic problems or domestic violence.).

Last year the club reached a new record and collected 6000 DKK within two days in Bruuns Galleri. The reason for the record is a huge effort to place the booth in a central position in the very popular shopping mall and a good connection to the local press, which guaranteed publicity in the local newspapers. This year the project is extended with two extra days, reflecting the growth of the club. Hereby the donation for “Mødrehjælpen” can be increased.

The project started in 2010 as a national Rotaract project, where clubs all over the country competed to collect the most money. Now Marselis Rotaract is the only club who continues the tradition, but is always open to compete with the other Rotaract Clubs in the country.

“This is the most “hyggelig” way to spread Christmas mood and do a good deed at the same time.”, explains Randi Eyde, who looks forward to two weekends of gift wrapping.

This year you can expect to meet Marselis Rotaract in Bruuns Galleri in the weekends December 2nd-3rd and December 8th-9th every day from 10-16 o’clock.