• Country: Denmark


  • District: 1440

  • Number of people involved: 20

  • Quantifiable Results: Many kids are happy during Christmas time in Denmark

BuyOneMore as a concept is to get people from your local community to donate everyday items from the supermarket. The donated items are then given to someone or a group that is in need.

Aalborg Rotaract (Denmark, District 1440) have for the second year in a row executed the BuyOneMore project with great support from the club and our local community. The project was held on the 3rd of December 2017 at the biggest supermarket in Northern Jutland where Aalborg Rotaract accepted donations for 5 hours. The project was made in collaboration with the Danish organisation “Barnets Blå Hus” Aalborg which is a part of Blue Cross Denmark. “Barnets Blå Hus” is a place where children between the ages of 6 and 13 who come from homes where the one or both parents have a record of substance abuse. “Barnets Blå Hus” offer them a place to go after school where they can talk to other children in the same situation and create healthy relations with the adult volunteers. They help them with home work and create a safe space.

The reason for this collaboration between Aalborg Rotaract and “Barnets Blå Hus” in Aalborg was to make a difference for the children and to give them a merry Christmas. They have the contact to all the children who are less fortune and Aalborg Rotaract have the resources for collecting the donations that will make the Christmas bright and magical. Some of the things that where donated was: holiday sweets, colouring books, pens, children books, toys, clothes and much more. Aalborg Rotaract was able to fill more that 8 boxes that was delivered to “Barnets Blå Hus” and they disturbed it to the children as well as shared among them while playing at the at their location.

Aalborg Rotaract really enjoy doing this project. “People feel engaged because they are able to see what they are donating and are able to make it personal. Everybody can participate because no donation is to small. It is super simple to arrange, and it does not require a lot from the club except from the engagement of the members” – Amanda, President 2017/18, Aalborg Rotaract.

Aalborg Rotaract encourage all Rotaract clubs to do a BuyOneMore project. It is the essence of a true Rotaract project because you get involved with your local community and make an immediate difference that you can see.

We hope that this will inspirer you to give it a try yourselves! #ProudRotaractors