The main objective of this project is to promote literacy and encourage language studying by giving people in Bulgaria and Romania access to more English books and literature.


The project involves three countries – United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Romania. 6 Rotaract clubs from different cities are working together towards this idea. The project was initiated by Rotaract Manchester International. We decided to collect books from closing libraries, Rotarians and other donors in the UK and then ship them to different schools, universities and libraries in Bulgaria and Romania. We promoted the idea on campus, encouraged students to donate books they don’t need, invited Rotarians to participate, contacted libraries and asked for donations. During February the members of Rotaract Manchester International sorted all the books out into boxes, divided them into categories and labelled them for the different cities into which they are going. We also did active research for possible logistic companies through which we can ship the books. In addition, project plans for after the shipment of the books were developed with the Rotaract clubs from the other countries. After the books arrived in Bulgaria and Romania the Rotaract clubs there received them and split them between schools, universities and libraries depending on the needs of the different institutions.


Rotaract Club Manchester International
United Kingdom