To deliver to immigrants who have been placed in Detention Centers for Foreigners in Poland, books and textbooks in their native languages, not only encourage them to spend free time reading, but also to expand their access to knowledge and education.


Due to the increasingly appearing in media reports of abuses and human rights violations in detention centers for foreigners, Rotaract Warsaw-Center decided to organize a campaign in favor of staying in their current refugees.

During a two-month period, got dozens of books were sent to Poland from Rotaract clubs of several countries, including Australia, Kenya, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Mexico and India. Numerous shipments also reached us from friends of the club and those who heard about us from radio and local newspapers.

The main event, United Replacing Books, was held in the hall of the University Library in Warsaw. Throughout the day, anyone interested in the action could charge a nominal fee to replace your old books for new ones.

All foreign language books were sent to refugee centers and textbooks to learn Polish were sent to open centers.


Rotaract Club of Warsaw-Center