• Country: Croatia

  • Club: RAC Split Novi

  • District: 1913

On the 22nd of October 2018, we, Rotaract Club Split Novi, took a part in the humanitarian event called a “Billion Dollar Smile” – a day of fun and social activities on behalf of uninhabited children, organized by more than a 100 Rotaract clubs around the world.
Around 11 in the morning, we gathered in front of the child’s home “Maestral” in Split, and then together with – at first doubtful, but later on happy faces – went on our way. We first visited the local football club’s (Hajduk) stadium “Poljud”, and then advanced to climb the famous and beautiful green hill “Marjan” beneath which the city lies. We then had a cup of warm coffee and hot chocolate in the nearby place “Stari Mornar”, only to move on and enjoy the feast awaiting for us in the “McDonalds” restaurant within the “City Center One Split Mall”. After filling our bellies as hungry wolfs, we played a couple of games of pool, table soccer, and pinball, in the Mall’s playground, and finished the night off with a lovely movie in the “Cineplexx” cinema.
Heavy-hearted, we parted our ways with many hugs and kisses, and an agreement about the new meeting in the nearby future.
Finally, it must be noted that, due to the great desire to provide these beautiful kids with the bare minimum at our disposal – our time and company – we did not even suspect the warmth and the energy they would repay us with. For that, we are extremely thankful! Until next time friends.