• Country: Croatia

  • Club: Rotaract Club Zagreb Zrinjevac

  • District: 1913

  • Number of people involved: 20

  • Number of €€€ involved: 1000

  • Quantifiable Results: 1 family will have a nicer Christmas because of our donation of 1000 EUR

You can slowly feel the Christmas spirit taking over and some, more fortunate, families are able to embrace it fully while the less fortunate ones have bigger issues to face and solve. Putting food on the table and paying the bills leaves little room for a proper Christmas celebration and experience.

This year, a less fortunate family from Zagreb will be able to provide their children with a proper holiday experience due to the 1000 euro donation made by Rotaract club Zagreb Zrinjevac. Rotaract club Zagreb Zrinjevac successfully organized their annual Auction Night—a fun event where the participants had an opportunity to bid for interesting offers and in that way help collect the funds for this family.

Rotaract club Zagreb Zrinjevac gathered the members of ten different Rotaract clubs, which is more than half of the whole district, and one Rotary club at their Auction Night. All the attendees had a great time while purchasing a training session with a female football team, dog bath and a haircut, tourist tour around Zagreb and many more interesting experiences and skills.

Apart from raising funds, this event also aimed to better connect the members of the Rotaract community. This was not a regular „item auction“ , the primary focus of the auction were special skills and knowledge our members willingly donated such as the skill of making an advent wrath, Spanish and German language courses, math tutoring, face to face start up consultation along with many other. We managed to better connect amongst ourselves, learn from each other and gain skills which will help us in our personal and professional development while also raising funds for an admirable cause.