To complete the construction of an Ambulatory and to provide medical equipment for it.


RAC Karlsruhe decided to take on a new international project, the construction of a roof for an ambulatory in Chitwan, Nepal. The roof was essential for this great development idea of the region as the monsoon would have destroyed the foundation walls. This Ambulatory was planned by a NGO to provide medical care in one of the poorest region of the world, Chitwan in Nepal.

With a tram party (having the party inside the tram) we aimed to collect enough money for the construction of the roof. Due to the huge success of this party and the money of an award for out-standing community service, we had enough money for the roof and because we were so excited we pledged to complete the full ambulatory. We decided to divide this huge project in 6 smaller

– stone roof 
– windows and doors
– cable installations
– render and floors
– interior
– medical devices

As soon as the Ambulatory is completed the people of Chitwan will have medical treatment for free. Different doctors committed to take care of regular medical support.


Rotaract Club of Karlsruhe