• Club: Luca Bertolotto

  • District: 2231

  • Number of people involved: 14

Refounded in 2016, our club is composed by 14 official members coming from several different countries: Turkey, Serbia, Italy, USA and of course Poland.
We are the only English speaking club in Poland.
Usually, we meet twice a month on Wednesdays at 19:30.

Rotaract Wilanow International is officially back!
Although our club’s activities restarted in 2016, our charter event took place on Thursday 19th of October 2017 in Lazy Dog restaurant and cocktail bar, right in the center of Warsaw!
During this evening we have been honored with the presence of several representatives of
Rotary and Rotaract 2231 district’s officials, such as:
• Governor, Jerzy Korczyński
• Governor elect, Łukasz Grochowski
• Deputy Governor, Janusz Koziński
• President of the Executive Council of ICC, Andrzej Ludek
• District Rotaract Representative, Mateusz Synak

After an initial speech from our president and guests, we have been appointed our pins and the evening proceeded with dinner followed by a pleasant music performance by musician Katarzyna Olszewska and then our charity lottery.
We are very satisfied with the outcome of the evening and we would like to thank everyone who showed up, hoping for new possibilities for future collaborations to arise!

Current project: S.O.S. Orphanage Children’s village
Our first major project started back at the beginning of October: after an initial contact with S.O.S. Children’s Village association, our delegation went to meet their representatives in Siedlce, 100km east of Warsaw.
During this day, we got a chance to visit the structure and meet two of the families.
It has been a heartwarming experience for us, and after having discussed with the association managers, we agreed to start our cooperation.

As a first step, we plan to visit children once per a month and create a beneficial activity and session for them while spending time together.
Following that and having gained a better understanding of their structures and needs, we are confident that many other collaboration opportunities will arise in future.