To collect cans during a festival and get the deposit for them to support local projects for disadvantaged children.


The Rock Harz Festival in Ballenstedt near the Harz is one of the smaller Metal Festivals in Germany. The organizing company of the festival suggested we collected the beverage cans during the festival, which are normally thrown away and finally end in the garbage. In Germany we do have a deposit on cans and disposable bottles of 25 cents. To motivate the visitors of the festival to contribute their empty cans for our project, we planed different actions. We had stickers with funny phrases on them, to call people’s attention and we had a wall with holes, where people could throw their cans through to participate in a tombola, where the first price were tickets for next year’s Rock Harz . But the main activity was to collect the cans from all over the camp ground and sorting them.


Rotaract Club of Clausthal‐Zellerfeld