European  Rotaract Information Center
Numbers & Objectives

Who are we?

The European Rotaract Information Centre (E.R.I.C.) is a Multi-District Information Organisation (MDIO) serving Rotaractors all over Europe.

The E.R.I.C. supports 116 districts, in 46 countries reaching more than 20.000 Rotaractors.

Our timeline

What is our purpose?

According to the E.R.I.C. bylaws, the main purpose of E.R.I.C. is:
“…develop international relationships between clubs and members all over Europe by bringing Rotaractors from all over Europe together.
Besides this the objectives of Rotaract Europe are:

  • to exchange information among the represented districts of Rotaract in Europe, the clubs and their members
  • to foster international contacts among Rotaractors
  • to encourage the Rotaractors to work together in international projects”

Under this broad umbrella, the E.R.I.C. undertakes multiple activities, which slightly differ from year to year depending on the members of the E.R.I.C. Committee. Usually the following is performed:

  • Facilitating communication across nations
  • Aiding in the creation of international Twin-Clubs
  • Publishing Magazine 3 times a year
  • Being a knowledge-bank of the most experienced Rotaractors
  • Assisting the exchange of international best-practices
  • Conducting training seminars
  • Organizing leadership and vocational training
  • Posting invitations to all conferences and international activities on
  • Granting the Twin Club Awards and the Best European Service Project
  • Offering helpful material, ready for clubs to download on the webpage
  • Inspiring Rotaractors by facilitating the sharing of ideas and experiences
  • Arranging 3 annual, international conferences
  • Helping Rotaractors in promoting their service projects or international conferences and events
  • Helping Rotaractors in locating Rotaract clubs in countries they are visiting or moving to
  • Being the connection to other Rotaract MDIOs, the RI Rotaract Committee and RI.
  • Conveying the ideals of Rotaract to new member countries and clubs
  • Bringing people together

How do we work ?

The member districts are represented in the E.R.I.C. Committee Meetings by Country Representatives..
Additionally, E.R.I.C. has a Board, whose members have been elected by the previous year’s Country Representatives.

The E.R.I.C. Committee convenes 3 times a year:
– REM Fall (usually last weekend of September or first one of October),
– REM Winter (usually in Mid January)
– EUCO (usually in end of May / beginning of June).

The exact dates of the REMs and EUCOs are announced well in advance.

During the rest of the year, since the members of the Board and the Country Representatives are spread in different countries, most of the work is done via e-mail and Skype calls.