Candidate for a board position!

Application Processus

If you want to apply you must comply with all the following eligibility criteria.

The candidacies must be submitted to the current E.R.I.C. president and Secretary at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the annual EUCO.
Three weeks beforehand the President and Secretary get aligned to check the validity of the candidacy

Be a Rotaractor from one of the E.R.I.C. member districts

Be in between the ages of 18-30 years

On 30 June of the Rotaract year in which the  candidate becomes 30 years old, his/her Rotaract membership will end.

Be fluent in English

Have a wide knowledge of Rotaract & Rotary

Description of the positions


He/she is the chief executive officer of E.R.I.C..
He/she presides over both the E.R.I.C. Committee of Representatives and the E.R.I.C. Executive Board.
He/she directs the work and activities of E.R.I.C..
He/she may not cumulate the position of President with another function within the E.R.I.C. Executive Board, the E.R.I.C. Committee of Representatives.
The E.R.I.C. President organises and determines the agenda of the Meetings of the E.R.I.C. Committee of Representatives, in co-operation with the CR of the country hosting the Meeting. This provision also applies to E.R.I.C. plenary sessions and workshops held during the EUCO, for which the President and host representative may be assisted by an E.R.I.C. Task Force specifically created for the European Convention.


The Vice-President has an advisory and assisting role.
The Vice-President will replace the President when he/she is not available.
He/she coordinates the organisation of the workshops which can be professional, social and/or Rotaract in general related, on the E.R.I.C. Meetings.
This person is also responsible for coordinating work on the European Rotaract Directory.
He/she is also responsible for verifying that the ERIC’s Guidelines and Bylaws are communicated and explained clearly the first E.R.I.C. Meeting of the Rotaract year in order to facilitate their comprehension to the CR’s.

He/she may not cumulate the position of Vice-President with another function within the E.R.I.C. Executive Board.


The Secretary is responsible for writing the minutes of each meeting (if necessary also those held online).
Proposals and/or ideas can be sent to him/her and the E.R.I.C. President.
The secretary and/or E.R.I.C. President communicate this to the E.R.I.C. Executive Board which will assess the received ideas and put it on the agenda of the E.R.I.C. Committee of Representatives. This person is also responsible for keeping track of the changes in the Guidelines and Bylaws and possibly the reasons of the changes.


He/she is responsible for E.R.I.C. finances, and administers the fees or subscriptions and any other revenue transferred to E.R.I.C..
With the E.R.I.C. President, he/she has full access to the E.R.I.C. account which must be located in a Euro zone.
The Treasurer and President each have full authority to sign all correspondence relating to E.R.I.C. finances, to pay invoices and to charge individuals or companies for various services such as conference fees or sponsorship.
The Treasurer reimburses the expenses of the members of the E.R.I.C. Executive Board in compliance with the budget as voted upon during the autumn REM, by the E.R.I.C. Committee of Representatives.
All the expenses should be duly justified by an invoice. Any additional expenses should be a subject to voting.

Marketing Director

The tasks of the Rotaract Europe Marketing Director are:
– Guarantee the application of Rotaract Europe Brand Identity in all assets (according to RI guidelines for New Generation Programs);
– Elaborate a strategic social network calendar in order to have all Rotaract Europe social networks updated (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin);
– Design and copywriting of all the above contents;
– Elaborate a Contact Strategy with monthly or bi-monthly publications (example: e-newsletters);
– Design merchandising and other assets, such as roll-ups and flags;
– Purpose and concretize special activations (example: a Birthday campaign)
– Support the HOCs of the 3 annual events if they need;
– Support all the other Rotaract Europe’s committees.

Social Services Coordinator

He/she co-ordinates an E.R.I.C. Community Project based on Pan-European Co-operation.
He/she may appoint a team of assistants.
He/she coordinates the process of BESP and TCA awards, starting from the choice of voting
Guidelines and Internal Bylaws of European Rotaract Information Centre
committee, and until the award is given to the winners at EUCO.
He/she supports HOC-Teams to organize a social project during REMs and EUCOs
He/she takes care about the digital project database to share experience/knowledge beyond

Information Technology Director

This person is responsible for information technology administration of E.R.I.C. services.
He/she will give administrative support to the members of the E.R.I.C. Executive Board and of the Representative’s Committee.
He/she may appoint a team of assistants.

Please apply if you are interested in a 2019-2020 board position. Applications close on 3rd of April.