Rotaract Europe and Rotaract Mediterranean have teamed up for their social project this year 

Are you ready to have Free Intelligent Conversations with us?

What is Free Intelligent Conversation?

Free Intelligent Conversation (FreeIC) is a non-profit organization that facilitates engaging conversations between strangers in public places. 

An intelligent conversation takes place whenever people seek to learn from each other.

FreeIC provides clubs and districts with the necessary training and resources to plan a successful event. Once trained, organizing an outing is easy: go to a public space, hold up signs that read “Free Intelligent Conversation,” and talk with people about anything and everything. And most importantly: have fun!

What are the benefits? 

Through our partnership with FreeIC, we want to encourage meaningful face-to-face conversations in our communities and connect individuals with different backgrounds and viewpoints at an interpersonal level.

When we embrace our differences and capitalize on our similarities, we break down social barriers, challenge stereotypes, and build better, more interpersonally connected communities – one engaging conversation at a time. 

Not only does this promote peace, one of the six areas of focus of Rotary, but it is also a great opportunity to strengthen the ties that we have with our communities

How to participate: 

Step 1: Read and watch the informational and promotional material

Download one pager


Your guide for a successful FreeIC event (coming soon)

TedEx talk:


How to:

Step 2: Think about how you want to participate. For example:

  • Promote FreeIC in your club and district
  • Organize a one-time or multiple FreeIC events
  • Translate content into your language 

Step 3: Sign up at, for your (free) obligatory training and to receive more resources from the FreeIC team

Step 4: Organize an outing with your club or district 

Download available translated resources here by selecting language or, if not yet available, contact us

Step 5: Share your experience with us and on social media with hashtags #RotaractgoesFreeIC

Any doubts left?

Get in touch with your country representative, or directly with our social officer at