ALExEurope Event – Fix the Planet & Boost your Career

🌍Are you passionate about environmental awareness, but you don’t know how you can make an impact your company or the one you work in?

Rotaract Europe & Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) are glad to invite you to the ALExEurope Event – Fix the Planet & Boost your Career!

Join us for a workshop that will teach us how much we can impact on our planet while taking care our our career!



  • Intro & Welcomes  5 min
  • The future belongs to sustainable companies 
    Gunilla Östberg, 15 min
  • How we impacted a multibillion dollar company 
    Ingrid Hesser, 15 min
  • Roadmap for creating sustainable impact in your company 
    Tim Riedel, Planet Groups, 15 min
  • Workshop – How can I impact my company in a sustainable direction? 45 min
  • How can Rotaract make an impact for environmental sustainability? 10 min