THE ROTARACT INTERNATIONAL SERVICE PROMOTING VACCINATION AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS #EndCovidNow #LetsGetVaccinated We propose you to join us in this international service: “Let’s get vaccinated!”, a service that will save lives. We are at the advent of a very important mass vaccination to combat the coronavirus. We have the duty to make people understand how important this vaccine is. Rotary has already had a huge success in vaccination campaigns: Rotary is successfully fighting poliomyelitis with the “End Polio Now” project. As Rotaractors and as active members of our communities, we can have a tremendous impact on the people living in our city. We know the social dynamics in our daily life and in our workplace: we also have the skills to engage efficiently the people around us and to show them the importance of getting vaccinated. The vaccine is our only hope for a return to “normality”: to hug our beloved ones, travel and meet. Unfortunately there are some people who still have doubts about this vaccine: our goal is to make it clear that the vaccine is safe, effective and will save millions of lives. How we do it: • Sharing the “Let’s get vaccinated” campaign on social media: posts, photos, videos. We will provide the campaign logo and multimedia material! Suggested hashtag: #EndCovidNow #GetVaccinated #IGotVaccinated
• Hosting informative webinars and (on-line) events with professionals of your choice who are experts in the field. We will provide a brief Power Point! • Be an example: show on social media that you get vaccinated! (when your time comes) • Involve your community as you see fit! We are gathering official data directly from the World Health Organization channels and from the Johns Hopkins University platform which have proven to be the most reliable international sources. Many of our beloved ones got sick, we have seen people die. With this service we can make a difference, we can save lives. We are at your disposal for further information and suggestions! Contact person: Giovanni Cappa Rotaract District 2050, Italy E-mail: