European Rotaract Information Center

Rules for the new logo contest 2020

In order to enhance the Rotaract Europe brand and showcase the spirit of 47 countries and 116 districts, the board of 2020-2021 starts a new logo competition for the European Rotaract Information Center’s visual identity!

By Anda Ciobotaru | Rotaract Europe, Marketing

Please find all the rules below:

  • Describe the inspiration behind the logo design in the body of the email
  • Submit your bid by October 3rd, 2020 23:59 CEST via Google form here
  • The logo design must come un a 2d vector full-color version
  • The logo should reflect “Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines 2019-2020” + “Visual Identity Guidelines: Young Leaders” from
  • The logo should include a full unobstructed Rotaract logo – must have the simplified Rotaract logo in Cranberry color or white color (variations in 3 colors will be needed after announcing the winner)
    • Cranberry (PMS 214 C; HEX @c10042; CMYK C0 M100, Y22, K0; RGB R217, G27, B92)
    • White (CMYK C0, M0, Y0, K0; HEX #ffffff; RGB R255, G255, B225)
    • The text “Europe” must be included in the design and should follow the guidelines where the text is allowed to be placed
  • “European Rotaract Information Center” should be added as a full name, not the acronym “E.R.I.C.” 
  • Colors used must be limited to the color palette in the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines 2019-2020.
  • The logo should not have any correlation with a political institution as Rotary is a nonpartisan, non-sectarian organization.
  • The design must be original and should NOT include any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeliness or comparison of the design would be the accountability of the participants as they should be responsible to prove its authenticity
  • The logo must:
    • Reflect the unity in European Rotaract Information Center which includes 47 countries and 116 districts
    • Symbolize European Rotaract Information Center – Rotaract Europe
    • Evoke the “Connect, Learn, Impact” principle
    • Depict the Rotary values of Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity, Service, and Leadership in the overall design

See the current visual identity, including logos and fonts here:

Selecting the winners:

  • The marketing team (3 members) together with President selects 3 best proposals out of all contestants
  • In case of a tie, the marketing assistants will have 1 vote combined and redo a vote with the marketing officer and the President
  • The marketing team will prepare the pros and cons to all 3 final designs and present it to country representatives for voting
  • The vote will also include the option of retaining the old (current) logo
  • We reserve the right as a board to cancel the competition if the quality of the design is not as expected

Criteria for finalists selection are as follows:

  • 40% Relevance – Does the entry align with the desired European Rotaract Information Center logo impression?
  • 30% Originality – Does the composition exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination?
  • 30% Aesthetic Quality – Does the submission command attention? Does it display visual balance and color coordination? Do all the elements work together to create a unified and appealing design?

Terms and conditions for the winner:

  • The winner design will become the property of the European Rotaract Information Center MDIO. The winner agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in the design submitted are deemed assigned to the European Rotaract Information Center.
  • The winner may be asked by the European Rotaract Information Center to modify certain features of the winning design to better fir the desired European Rotaract Information Center impression
  • The winner must submit a raw file of the digital artwork drawn/illustrated using Adobe Illustrator

The winner shall be appointed by:

  • The 3 selected finalist designs will be accompanied by an explanation for the country representatives
  • The decision of the selection committee is final and irrevocable
  • The winner will be selected by voting the topic on a European Rotaract Information Center with the country representatives, where the topic should be voted on district votes ⅔ followed by country votes 50% +1 to count as validated.


  • There are no monetary rewards associated with this competition
  • The winner’s designs, name, and creative process will be shared as a promotion opportunity on the European Rotaract Information Center’s channels, including an interview on the main website and a video recording distributed on social media.

What are you waiting for? Submit your entry!

Deadline for entry submissions: 10th of October 2020
Selection of 3 design finalists: 11th of October 2020
Vote on the new design by E.R.I.C.’s Country Representatives: 25th of October 2020