A big thanks to you!

Per 30th of June 2019 the Rotary year ‘18-’19 ends and with it, this year’s E.R.I.C. board is passing on its responsibilities to newly elected team of enthusiastic Rotaractors, ready to take on the challenges of the year to come. But first, let’s look back on the past year.

The team got a clear message from the Assembly of Country Representatives at the time of its election. Furthermore it was challenged to complete the objective of our M.D.I.O. becoming a legal entity. Throughout the year we have tried to offer as much participation as possible to the Country Representatives in reaching the objectives we set and shaping the legal entity Rotaract Europe, registered in the city of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

In my year I have tried to visit as many countries and clubs as possible. I have travelled to 15 places, visited conferences, international meetings, twin-club ceremonies, etc. I wanna thank the hosts and organisers of these events for their contribution to Rotaract in Europe. It is because of you that Rotaract Europe is rich of amazing events allowing people to meet, share knowledge and information and experience the life of one another. A special thanks to Lea Metzler and the German Rotaractors for welcoming me on different occasions, also Andrea Mora and the Italian Rotaractors for welcome me in their houses.

I want to thank the E.R.I.C. team of ‘18-’19 for their continuous efforts in making it work. It wasn’t always that easy to deliver given working life, personal life, variances, etc. But you have pulled it through, delivering on the promise you made at the beginning of the year. Giving it your utmost best and serving Rotaractors in Europe. I am very fortunate to have had you bunch of wacko people to serve with!

At last – it all comes down to the Country Representatives, a rare breed. The foundation of the E.R.I.C. rests on the Rotaractors that represent the E.R.I.C. in their home countries and vice versa.  We have had some of the craziest, funniest, coolest and caring people around. A Japanese bow to you, for your efforts, your contributions and continuous belief making E.R.I.C. an even better information organisation than it already is.

This is it. The end is near… I have enjoyed memorable experiences, took on challenging issues and created value to our organisation where the team and I could. We gave it our best. 

Gabi and your team… The floor is yours. Wishing you all the very best for the year to come… With an over-positive gender balance, a man who counts for an army, enthusiasm by the millions, … I believe you have what it takes as a team to make it work. Know that you can count on my full support for the year to come.

Ben out, Gabi in!