We would like to inform you that on October 5th, 2017, Rotary International updated the Program logos on its Brand Center. We are advised to use the updated version of the logo
There is a slight difference – the phrase “Rotary Club partner” was removed.
In spite of this, there is no need to re-do every club asset produced (you can use the old logo for already produced material), but if a club in your country is thinking of producing new material please tell them to use the new version. 
How to find this info?
1. Go to rotary.org, and log in as a member, then access the Brand Center: http://brandcenter.rotary.org/en-GB
2. You will be able to see these 2 tabs. 
Rotary Logo Guidelines
In Guidelines, you will be able to download the guideline book (you can also find it attached). In logos, you will be able to download the new logo:
Rotary Logo Guidelines 
There is also a tool called “template” where you can personalize your logo – example:

Thank you for your attention, and please share this info with your clubs.
Susana Silva
Head of Marketing | Rotaract Europe – MDIO