• Club: Rotaract Club Torres Vedras

  • District: 1960

  • Number of people involved: 40

Rotaract Club Torres Vedras alongside several relevant partners promoted the Forum “There’s no Humanity without Equality” last July.

Equality is a pillar on our society and must be discussed under varying perspectives: Jobs, Acess to Education, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicities.

To promote human rights and discuss main issues in our community, we invited the District 1960 Governor and the Local Council representants to start this day. Afterwards, to discuss Gender Equality, in a Round Table we invited the Portuguese Platform for Women Rights, the Founder of HeforShe in Portugal and the Portuguese Ambassor of “Chicas Poderosas” (a feminist movement).

In the afternoon we discussed the Acess to Education with the President of the Lisbon Academic Federation, with a representant of APECI which is a local institution that supports children and young people with special needs of education, with the local education Councillour for Education and with an Investigator from NOVA – University of Lisbon. In a third round table we discussed difference regarding sexual orientations and ethnic minorities with a representant from Ex-Aequo (LGBT association) and with a representant from the Comission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination.

To end this day we had an intervention from the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality and an intervention and from the President of our Rotaract club.

It was a very important event for us, with a lot of discussion in every topics and in the end we had great reactions from all our participants.