• Country: Russia

  • Club: Rotaract Volgograd

  • District: 2220

This is a story how Rotaract Club Volgograd was founded due to one special project. In 2011 a young lady, Julia Chupova entered the premises of Volgograd Youth Talents Center. She came from Moscow with a story about a project named FotoCh (child&charity). The project’s goal was to create the rehabilitating and enforcing conditions for the kids who were going through serious life difficulties. The project’s means was photography and pictures. Her story inspired then soon-to-be Rotaract Club Volgograd members to establish a project of their own. During the project two kids were adopted into their new families while many others along with the future club members got captivated by the art of photography. The success of the project became a nice motivation to found the Rotaract Club that is still active!

The club was very proud of the multiple achievements the kids had been demonstrating throughout the project. Some of them earned prize places on various international photography competitions while many other had their art works placed on the various city exhibitions..

The FotoCh (child & charity) project played a pivoting role in the lives of the Club members and the kids in their wards.