We were at Antalya, Manavgat province, Duzagac Village Primary School as Rotaract Club of Perge at the 23th April National Sovereignty and Children’s Holiday to celebrate this meaningful day with the owners’ of the day. We made the same celebration which is done at the city centrum. During the celebration programme after ceremony of national anthem; we played different games with children. Also, face painting workshop was organised by Our members, and we painted children’s faces different colours and which they wanted to their imaginary pictures. At the end of the day, all students and our members painted the village primary school’s walls colourful colours and children’s hand prints. When we were at school, we realised the sad truth about the toilets. They were unhealthy and insufficient conditions for children’s usage. We want to continue this project as that year to renew the toilets. We need your support for our project to achieve this aim by the end of year 2017.
please contact with us , antalyapergerotaract@gmail.com