• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Rotaract Club of Ankara Kavaklıdere

  • District: 2430

In our country, we have very valuable movies, they are irreplaceable parts of our culture. We took 5 of those films and translated from Turkish to English. Now they are on air in official Youtube channel of Arzu Film, a company which is producer of these movies.

This way, we want to introduce our culture, our movies, our values to a wider range of audience, since English is such an international language. The movies are approximately 90 minutes, so we divided every movie into 3 and distribute every guest and member in our club. So this project is a product of everyone.

Also, we shared these movies with our twin club, just to do a cultural exchange project with them. We want one of their movies, too, so we can get to know their culture and they can get to know ours.