• Country: France

  • Club: Rotaract ESSEC

  • District: 1660

On March 20th, the most important event of the Essec Club Rotaract was held: the SONACT, a big caricative concert!
SON is SOUND in French and ACT for ACTION.
All profit is donated to “les Petits Princes”, a charitable organization whose aim is to make the dreams of children and teenagers affected by cancer, leukemia and other genetic diseases come true.


– 3 months of preparation
– 30 rotaractors more than motivated
– 1 partnership with SUBWAY
– 2 places (ESSEC Business School and City Rock bar)
– 7 hours of partying
– 3 associations (Jéremy Kséssec and Hadès Eclive)
– 5044734952786656 liters of Jacqueline drank

But mostly:
– 1 big THANK YOU because:
– 300 participants on fire
– 335€ collected on Leetchi

And finally
– 1270€ OF PROFIT which will allow sick children of realizing their dreams thanks to the charitable association of the PETITS PRINCES

And our dream is SONACT will be one day a biggest student caricative concert !