• Country: Italy

  • Club: District Event

  • District: 2100

On April 6th the Rotary family of District 2100 met in Nola (Naples) for the annual Informative Seminar for the Elected Leaders (SIDE). The working afternoon started with bespoke sessions for the elected Club Boards: Presidents and VPs, Secretary and Treasurers and, Sergeants at arms, Directors and PRs. Half of the session was frontal and the other half were workshops and team building games.
The Plenary Session was opened by D2100 DRR R.y. 2018/19 Valerio Mercuri and the President of Rotaract Club Nola Rosa Fusco, who welcomed all the PDGs, Past DRRs and honorable guests. The meeting, attended by 450 members and friends, was dedicated to the official presentation of the Incoming District year.

Motto: LINKS – Leadership, Impact, Network, Knowledge, Service.

DRR – Mariagrazia Ciccone – Rotaract Club Nola Pomigliano D’Arco,
IDRR – Anna Straface – Rotaract Club Rossano Corigliano Sybaris
VDRR – Carmelina Sepe – Rotaract Club Ottaviano,
Secretary – Giulia Andres – Rotaract Club Napoli Sud Ovest
Secretary – Vincenzo Romolo – Rotaract Club Avellino Est
Treasurer – Domenico Piccirillo – Rotaract Club Caserta Terra di Lavoro 1968
Sergeant at Arms – Valeria Molli – Rotaract Club Pompei
Sergeant at Arms – Giuseppe Minervini – Rotaract Club Napoli Nord
Director of International Relationship, REM and Pre REM – Maria Vittoria Gargiulo – Rotaract Club Campus Salerno dei Due Principati
Director of Rotaract Day – Antonino Fiorentino – Rotaract Club Sorrento
Director of PR and Communication – Alessandro Ionni – Rotaract Club Napoli
Director of Service Riccardo Palladino – Rotaract Club Paestum

Projects: Aequo, dedicated to gender equality, Hydro, dedicated to water in all its richness and dangers, and DigiBites, dedicated to digital education.

Great Events : REM Vesuvius Express, Pre REM Salerno, Italian Rotaract Day Sorrento.

After the meeting, hosts and guests enjoyed themselves in a “Cirque du Soleil” theme dinner and party.

Best of luck to everyone and We cannot wait to welcome Rotaractor from all over Europe (and beyond) in October

D2100 R.y. 2019/20 District Team