Project name: Feel The History

Project Description: Date of 18.10.2015, the project of “Feel the History” Project’s first step was conducted in Turkey. In project scope, created a trip with 25 deaf disabled members to Ephesus Antique City, where is the UNESCO world heritage list in Selçuk, İzmir. Transportation to Antique City Ephesus provided by car privately rented. Sign Language Interpreters and Trainers Association and Selçuk Municipality organized the trip in partnership; a tour guide, U.R.2440.District Güzelyalı Rotaract Club member and registered in the The Chamber of Tourist Guides in İzmir, was support us.

Additionally, provide communication with deaf disabled people, transfer tour guide’s informations with sign language instructor and, club members, whom took our club’s provided training in sign language between 2012-2013 years, performed that project. Other partner of project, Selçuk Municipality provided free parking and lunch.

Full-day excursion, we visited every place in Ephesus Antique City with our disabled guests. It was their first arrivals in Ephesus and we import all the history about that antique city.

In  27/02/2016 Monfalcone Grado Rotaract Club organized a cultural trip with visually impaired participant through the “Unione Italiana Ciechi and Consulta Regionale Per Disabilita” in Trieste, Miramare Castle where was built in 19th century. They arranged a guide that had included visiting a historical fort in the city of Trieste. The trip event has already happened with supports of tour guides. After the visit, group had a very interesting blinded brunch, where all of them couldn’t see absolutely nothing and they learned what is like to live and deal with everyday activities for a blind person (as for example eating). After the fort trip our Italian friends visited “Regional Institute Rittmeyer For The Blind” where is performing community service. During this visiting 30 visually impaired participant has become self aware about having social supports. At the same time Monfalcone Grado has provided a public transportation for these participant and they increased the awareness of people have any disabilities.

All the activities are recorded by video clip and it’s published on social media and Youtube.

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