Project : Children is Our Future

1st step: New Year Party and St Nicholas Day Party

As being Rotaract Club Güzelyalı and Kyiv multinational Rotaract Club  we decided to realize a project for abandoned, homeless,street and disabled children. Children is our Future. With this aim, Rotaract Club Güzelyalı organized a ‘new year party’ for street children and Rotaract Club Kyiv Multinational organized a party for diasabled children at the same time. As being Güzelyalı Rotaract club First we learned which presents can make them happy. We prepared them cakes and cookies. Then we bought toys, cars, Barbie dolls for them. One of our club member became Mrs. Santa Claus.  Mrs.Santa Claus gave their presents to them. It was amazing to see the happiness in the eyes of the children. We danced together, we played games, We sang songs, we ate the delicious cakes and cookies. Abandoned children association also contributed to our project. We celebrated new year with happiness and we left them with the best wishes. As being Rotaract Club Kyiv Multinational we decided to visit Brovary city center for Social rehabilitation of Disabled Children. According to the project ‘Everybody could be a wizard’ and we gave presents to the children who wrote wish-letters. We would like to give thanks to all wizards who helped to present a winter miracle for the kids. Kids are so happy because their dreams came true. It was amazing to see the happiness of the children in their eyes. That moment is a priceless moment in our lives.

2nd step: Love and Peace Drawings Service project: Basic Education and Literacy, peace and conflict prevention/resolution

As being Rotaract Club Güzelyalı, In the first step of our project; The police officers with bicycles made workshops and gave trainings to the abandoned, homeless and street children. They went to traffic simulation area and they showed ‘using the road, the things we have to be careful in traffic and traffic lights. Our ambition with our project is to focus on six areas of Rotary ‘Service project: Basic Education and Literacy’.Children is our Future. With this aim, we made workshops and trainings to raise the quality of education for children. We wanted to provide their personal development for ‘traffic rules, potential dangers that they can face in traffic and riding a bicycle safely in traffic’

As being Güzelyalı Rotaract Club we went to visit the Abandoned children association again.We presented them ‘drawing papers and crayon’. We organized a ‘Drawing pictures about traffic rules and peace day’ with them. Our ambition with our project is to focus on six areas of Rotary ‘Service project: “peace and conflict prevention/resolution. In this purpose, we dreamed to make drawings with orphanage street children in the idea of Peace. When we decided to paint for PEACE, We really tried to do our best to make a peaceful world for children. And they created their peaceful world in traffic with their photos. We explained our ideas to our Rotary members, rotaractors, head of school department  and also municipality. we made a ‘Peace in Traffic  Exhibition’ that also took place in press media. We are planning to create an agenda with calender using the pictures of the children’s drawings.

As being Rotaract Club Kyiv Multinational, we visited Mariya House before St Valnetine’s day and organized some workshops for children about ‘gingerbread decoration for the Valentines Day related with love and Peace’. All children were very happy and excited. Finally we have got not only beautiful but also delicious gingerbread for Love and Peace in the world. Children were so happy and the show their interest and creative imagination. At the same time, Güzelyalı Rotaract Club organized a Love Day with disabled children too. They made drawings related with Love. And also they organized a Love day in a restaurant and they had lunch all together with disabled fellows.

100 children joined the Project. We saw the happiness of the eyes of children. we are happy that we manage to touch that children’s lives.We understood that we explained them our project so good and we managed to affect them. it is a sustainable project and continue in the future for long periods.

How did you come up with the idea?:

We built a real friendship and we connect our club members with unseen lines. But  there was another question in our minded: We created an amazing friendship between young people’s of two country with a universal language English by the help a universal organisation “Rotaract” but what we can do more? we dreamed to bind two culture by creating a project for the future of the world that everybody can understand without knowing one word, the future of the world is “Children”.

We thought that future is the hands of children. So we wanted to realize a project for children. We realized an awareness Project in order to raise social responsibility to abondoned and disabled children.

We showed that abondened and Disabled children was also a part of our lives. Despite the difficulties of the lives of abandoned and disabled children, we tried to improve the capabilities of their roles in society and enable them to receive and take place in social life.

Finally, we want to strengthen the image of the Rotary and Rotaract Club by making such a successful Project. We want to emphasize the issues that they serve to society. When we decided to work on this idea. We tried to do our best