Project name: Health as a gift

Project Description: wo years in a row the RAC Ansbach visited the RAC Kyiv-Centre at own costs, in order to be able to take part in the joint project. With a great fundraising amount of serveral thousand Euros, we were able to provide the ambulatories of two local villages nearby Kiev, Semypolky and Talalavika, with new and modern medical equipment, such as blood pressure monitors, radiant heater, infusion racks, microscopes and many more. With our local help in those Ukrainian villages a better disease prevention and treatment was made possible. The new equipment facilitates the first aid for 8.000 people and have a major impact in local medical treatment as well as in community development. In 2015, the kindergarten in Talalaivka was provided with new windows, toys and furniture in order to educate and teach the children, aged 3-6, in a proper way. With the new windows the children are now protected from external weather effects, such as strong winds or extreme heat.

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