• Country: Croatia

  • Club: Rotaract Croatia

  • District: 1913

Held in Rabac, county of Istria (May 11th – 13th 2018), Rotary District 1913 conference this year gathered 137 participants (members and candidates) of Rotaract and 9 members of Interact clubs in total. Holding the title of the first Rotary district conference that rounded up this magnificent number of young leaders, it was also the real opportunity to gain new friendships, expand contacts and exchange ideas. But most importantly, to create memories they will remain forever.

During the official part, within 3-day event, new representatives were elected, who will be on official duty in the next Rotarian year under the shelter of District 1913. Rotaract’s Committee Chairperson will be Mirna Bačić (Rotary E-Club), the position of District Rotaract Representative (DRR) will be run by Kristina Ribičić (Rotaract Club Zagreb Zrinjevac) while her legatee District Rotaract Representative Elect is voted to be Marko Perković (Rotaract Club Varaždin). The Rotaract Information Coordination Officer (RICO) will be engaged for the second year in a row by Mirna Maravić (Rotaract club Zagreb Centar). The Rotaract Information Center Country Representative (ERIC CR) will be represented by Vedran Jakopović (Rotaract Club Zagreb Zrinjevac) and Nina Prusac is selected for the Mediterranean Multi District Information Organization Country Representative (MED MDIO CR) (Rotaract club Split Novi).

Having performed anthems of the Republic of Croatia and Rotary International, a ceremony on Friday evening was officially opened and attended by a large number of members of the Croatian Rotary community with their follow-ups as well as guests from neighboring districts 1912 (Slovenia), district 2483 (Serbia and Montenegro ) and Rotary International representative. With their performance, the event was enriched by the Cabaret a la Carte dance group, who were deservedly applauded by the audience.

The next morning, official conferences of both Rotary and Rotaract were held, where voting for the selection of representatives for the new district functions was held, and the most significant events (domestic and international) that proudly represented our district, were highlighted. Nevertheless, like every year, Rotary Youth Exchange students had also received their 5-minute attention when they sung one of the most popular songs in Croatian language, the song ‘Life is not gray’ having received official acknowledgments for participating in Rotary Youth exchange in our district.

During the evening program, governor Dubravko Kušeta handed the Rotarian chain to the future governor Darku Tipurić, PhD and for the first time in the history of our district praised the engagement of Rotaract’s Board representative Mirna Bačić and District Rotaract Representative Sabina Ulovec, giving them recognition for their work in Rotaract and contributing to the development of the District 1913 for the Rotarian year 2017/2018.