• Country: Italy

  • District: Rotaract & Rotary District 2050

  • Number of people involved: 3500

  • Total hours volunteered: 500

  • Number of €€€ involved: 15000

  • Quantifiable Results:

    • over 15000 € raised
    • 10 Automatic External Defibrillators donated
    •  6 cities provided
    • 500 hours of volunteering
    • 3500000 recipient people
    • 33 Rotaract Clubs and 77 Rotary Clubs involved
    • 3500 volunteers involved

In Western Countries, the first cause of death is represented by Cardiovascular Diseases. With proper education in live style and first aid, the life expectance of the population could be strongly increased.

In fact the survival rate in case of heart attack rises from 8% up to 80%, only by early defibrillation.

Sometimes the efforts in saving lives are lowered by poor funds or lack of education of the population.

Even if Lombardy is one of the richest regions of Italy, one month before the launch of the project a person died because of an heart attack in the City center of Mantua. The cause of that death was due to the lack of a defibrillator in the accident site. For this reason we thought to realize a project which could cover all the aspects of this problem, based on our community’s needs.

We wanted therefore to create something durable, which could also attract the attention of the community.

We planned to donate Defibrillators, but also to teach people how to use them and finally to prevent their need.

We also wanted to do it by an outstanding Rotary-Rotaract cooperation!

The project was born, in fact, by the will of our DRR, Francesco Sassi, and our Rotary District Governor, Lorenza Dordoni, to create a concrete partnership based on a common Service that should be made within our community and that should belong to the RI focus area of Diseases’ Prevention.

Our DRR has proposed this cooperation with the following objectives:

  • rising the survival possibilities of the population up to 80% in case of heart attack;
  • educating the population on the theme of the importance of First Aid and early defibrillation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • donating at least one Automatic External Defibrillator for every major city of our District (6);
  • providing the population technical education on the use of Defibrillators through free BLS Courses;
  • enhancing the cooperation between Rotaract and Rotary Clubs of the Districts and improving their image into the community.

Every Rotaract (33 Clubs) and Rotary Club (77 Clubs) has contributed, at various level, by organizing conferences, education, information and fundraising.

Our project’s objectives were achieved by selling a total amount of 400 pins with our District Logo and over 3000 handmade chocholate boxes on Christmas time and we have collected over 15000,00 €.

We used our Rotary District’s NGO, Prometeo, in order to manage the donations of sponsors and private partners.

In order to better use our funds, we have made a particular deal with the company producing the defibrillators (CARDIAC Science) by which we could get a sale for purchasing. We also contacted the local Public Administration’s Bureaus in order to get the patronage and the authorization to place the defibrillators.

Once we got the funds, we started the operative part of the project by organizing conferences about cardiovascular diseases’ prevention, providing free BLSD courses for the population, and donating defibrillators in the centers of our major cities.

We have contacted A.R.E.U. Lombardia (Agenzia Regionale Emergenza Urgenza – Emergency and Urgency Regional Agency) and we finally got its patronage, getting trainers and instructors for BLSD courses.

ven if our initial project was to donate at least one Automatic External Defibrillator for every major city of our District (6 in total), thanks to our efforts we have been able to donate 4 additional ones, and those will be avaible to serve our community for years.

The education we provided to our community will be avaible for years and the educated people will rise the rest of the community about this theme.

The first defibrillator that we have donated has been placed exactly in the accident site which has led to this Service Project. We are very proud of this project and we hope such a situation, thanks to our effort, will never happen again

Thanks to Rotaheart the image of Rotary and Rotaract has received a great confirmation of their importance in serving local communities. Every Defibrillator in placed in the center of our major cities and it is hold by a pillar, showing the logos of the project, of Rotary and of Rotaract Districts. Moreover, thanks to our efforts in involving local presses and social media, we got an amazing sharing of our results with the community.

The major innovation of our project consists of the reorganization of the concept of Rotary – Rotaract cooperation in our District. For the first time since years, we all acted as a whole family in order to get a common goal. The project ranked in the Top 5 of E.R.I.C. Rotary-Rotaract Collaboration Award during the R.Y. 2017/2018.