• Country: Italy

  • Clubs: Rac Avellino; Rac Campus Salerno dei Due Principati...

  • District: 2100

This year’s guidelines, in particular what concerns the public interest, include the LOVE URBAN project. Its aim is to take care of the excluded areas of the city.

The event “RipuliAmo la città” engages to clean up the marginalized areas of the city and to raise awareness about the proper maintenance of public spaces.

The Rotaract Clubs of District 2100 managed with cleaning up the streets of more than 16 sites, settled throughout the country, including areas affected by nightlife.

This event can be considered as an answer to the question that every Rotaractor asks himself: what can we do for our city? Us, young people.

The answer was not long in coming and many clubs have joined the initiative. It was a day focused on service, but it was also an opportunity to build relationships: not only with members of their own club but also of other different clubs.