The main goal of twinning with each other was the building of good and lasting relationship between clubs from neighbouring countries which is sustainable in time, guided by the idea of community service. One of the reasons why the contact was made namely with Rotaract Club Nis – Constantine The Great was their project focus on children in hospitals. The goal was to share experience for future joint projects as Rotaract Club Sofia-Center had such from their projects targeted at children in orphanages.


Buy and Donate:

In the weekend before Christmas, in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, the initiative Buy and Donate was carried out by both clubs. The project was carried out in a wholesale store where Rotaractors offered clients to buy products of their choice from a list, which they received at the entrance of the store. The list was compiled in view of the needs of children in orphanages. All of the collected products were delivered in orphanages in several villages in Bulgaria.

For the first smile:

For Rotaract Club Nis– Constantine the Great and its members, the end of December is reserved for traditional New Year and Christmas projects. Even though it is their club’s birthday, it is they who give out presents. Together, the two clubs prepared Christmas presents for children who spent their holidays in the children’s hospital, as well as presents for all the mothers and their babies in the maternity hospital. At the end of the first day, Serbian hosts took their Bulgarian guests to a traditional holiday celebration of all Rotaract clubs from Southern Serbia.