The goals of our Twin club arrangement are tpromote international understanding by creating friendships, to learn from each other, to exchange ideas and experiences, to organize common projects which would have bigger impact if we work together and to promote Rotaract and it values, to show to people that there are no borders for our organization.


Books beyond borders:

The goal of this project is to promote reading and to encourage people to get educated. English is the mostly taught foreign language in Bulgaria, since primary school to university. However, there aren’t many language books available. For this reason our clubs decided to initiate a project of collecting books in the UK to send to Bulgaria.

Acts of kindness:

The goal of this project is to show that if we all make small acts of kindness the world is going to be a better place because our combined efforts are going to move mountains. Each club to come up with a few acts of kindness and make a video showing how these actions were delivered. In addition, we started inviting more people around the world to join us. With our act of kindness we brought smiles to the faces of children, homeless people, communities in our cities.