The goals of our Twinning are to create, through the network Rotaract, an international friendship with guys who share our values of service and solidarity, the possibility of an exchange both real and virtual that allows both parties to mutual understanding of two different cultures. Besides service of twinning, we established a strong friendship between two clubs and we became a big family with both cultures and languages.


Cultural box:

This project consisted in sharing a “Cultural Box” containing typical products of the territory and souvenirs from our Countries, with the intent to get to know each others’ cultures ad the traditions and to motivate and invite to being curious of different realities. In addition to this, we tried to share the heritage of our countries to each other.

Company Visit-tour:

The clubs both organize company visits-tour to important realities of its territory, which are recorded and shared on the channel streaming “Twin Club” TV ustream in order to learn about each other’s entrepreneurial and the business excellence of the territory. We designed a tv channel and we explained our event to everybody in both countries. In this purpose, we dreamed to visit the important companies to learn about working life and the importance of working in that field.

The United School Project:

The project’s aim to help two schools, one Italian and one Turkish, through the purchase and donation of materials targeted for the conduct of educational activities. The idea is that the Rotaract Monfalcone Grado purchases the material for the Turkish school and the Izmir Rotaract Club will do the same for the Italian school, explaining to the children the project and asking them through drawings the themes of collaboration, twinning peace and international friendship. They created their peaceful world in their photos. Then in Youth And Peace forum by Rotary, we made a ‘Peace Exhibition’ with the drawings.