• Country: Italy & Mexico

  • Club: Rac Pavia

  • District: D2050 & D4100

In Mexico, specifically in the Gulf of California, illegal poachers often working in conjunction with drug traffickers are laying down illegal gillnets hoping to catch the totoaba fish whose swim bladder is sold on the black market in China and Hong Kong for tens of thousands of dollars, earning it the nickname “aquatic cocaine.”
In the same nets the Vaquita Porpoise, currently the most endangered marine mammal in the world, get entangled as well for its similar size.

Sea Shepherd has been fighting this illegal fishing for 5 years and this year a rotaractor, Giovanni Cappa, is in on board one of its vessels as Medical Officer, taking part to the direct action to protect this highly endangered animal on the brink of extinction.

Districts 2050 (Italy) and 4100 (Mexico) collaborated in a twinning project with the purpose of collecting essential medications and providing medical instruments to the ship on which Giovanni is currently working.

After Giovanni’s arrival in Baja California, Mexico he was welcomed by District 4100 members, he was given the medication gathered by Rotaract clubs of District 4100 and the twinning between the two districts was signed!

This massive service was brought to light thanks to the hard work of the district Rotaract representatives Ivan Vega Veloz (D4100), Samuele Soldo (D2050) and all the Rotaract clubs of these districts.