Turning a Rotaract-internal event in a community service olympiad.


In 2015, we were elected to host the Portuguese National Congress. The organization team was committed to make sure that the essence of Rotaract was not questionable, this could not be just one more event where young people get drunk and party hard. So, we divided our 130 guests by 10 social activities in 10 different locations for 10 different institutions. Every activities happening at the same time!

1. an Halloween party for children from a Temporary Shelter;

2. A cooking activity with the elder people in a Retirement Home.

3. A biological plantation with kids from the local Community Intervention Center.

4. Feeding, cleaning and walking the pets of the Animal Protection Association,

5. A blood donation in our headquarters with the support of the Portuguese Blood Institute and a local Donator’s Association;

6. A volunteer activity in the local hospital.

7. Bingo game with the pensioners association.

8. A handcraft activity with the residents of a nursing home.

9. An adapted gym class with the residents of a recovery center.

10. A Medicines collection activity in a local pharmacy to help a local Clinic.

Contact: Rotaract Club Torres Vedras, District 1960, Portugal