• Country: Moldova

  • Club: Rotaract Club Chisinau

  • District: 2241

  • Number of people involved: 30

  • Quantifiable Results:

    One Fetal Cardiothoracic Device

First of all, we want to THANK Rotaract Sweden, Malmö-Lund Clubs and everyone who made a difference in this process!

Another impact has been made with joined forces of Rotaract Chisinau & Rotaract Sweden, for a huge role on social life, after few fundraising events to make possible the acquisition of Fetal Cardiothoracic Device for Chisinau Municipal Maternity Nr.1.

What is that for? it is monitoring the baby delivery process and it makes it more safe, because “life is the beginning of everything”! We brought the smile and confidence on administration, specialized personnel and each future mom faces!

Thank you everyone!