The activity of District 2071, headed by the DRR Luca Sbranti, is centered on the International Action. This way Luca, working with his members, started a project who’s aim is to buy Intra Ocular lenses (IOL) to join the Eye Camp Project, which target is to treat cataract on the Indian Population.

After an holiday tour in India, Luca Governini with Dorotea Giusti, members of Rotaract Club Firenze Centenario and Rotaract Club Firenze Brunelleschi, both of the District 2071, they keeped in touch with the Rotaract Club Mumbai Downtown. The Italian’s asked them if they could be part of a service during their holiday in Mumbai and the president of the Indian Club accepted them. The main service of the club was to find solution for the main problem in that region, cataract. In fact, the Italian’s found a different percentage of people affected by this dramatic illness. In India about the 74% of people over 60 years old are affected by cataract, however it develops also on the young population because of the food inefficiencies.

Surgical treatment consist on removing the crystalline lens, that is replaced by the into ocular lens (IOL) located behind the iris of the patient.

Rotaract Club Mumbai Downtown proposed them to buy this IOLs for an hospital who will be recommend by the Indian Club; every lens costs about € 10,00 each. Luca Governini will be there in November and than we can have more info about the development of this fantastic service. For any further question or info feel free to contact