• Country: Italy

  • Clubs: RAC Treviso & RAC Conegliano- Vittorio Veneto

  • District: 2060

“Ignote bellezze” was one of the National services for the year 2017/18.

The project, proposed by the Governor of District 2060, Anna Fabris, was a competition for the enhancement of the Italian culture heritage. The aim was to make the local heritage known by the locals. It was an online contest and the winner was the one proposed by Rotaract Club Treviso and Rotaract Club Conegliano – Vittorio Veneto: the ” Abbazia of Sant’Eustachio”. The building was destroyed in 1918. The monastic complex stands in the territory in all its grandeur and importance. The landscape that embraces it is made up of large expanses of green and the Piave river. Its meters of height and the walls in raw bricks allow to keep the memories of a story that has seen it as protagonist several times over the years. In this s framework an event was presented that would know how to combine the art and history that links the building to the territory.

The historical re-enactment, made possible by the flight of the plane of Major Francesco Baracca, was an occasion of remembrance and commemoration on the notes of a concert of strings that has enchanted everyone. It was an evening to give voice to this place, in a year in which the centenary of the Great War is celebrated. The photos were taken by the photographer Silvano Mainini.